2020 January Mini Conference
Calming the Chaos: Using the Tools of Recovery

Saturday January 25th 2020
8AM to 4PM
United Methodist Church
2101 Zinfandel Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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We are looking for volunteers!

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Conference planning meetings are held
before the GSACC Business Meeting
6:30 - 7:00PM the 2nd Monday of every month
Heritage Oaks Bldg 4300 Auburn Blvd. Rm 104
Sacramento 95815

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Welcome to GSACC

The Greater Sacramento Area CoDA Community (GSACC) is a group of men and women who have found value in working the Co-Dependents Anonymous 12 Step Program. This group chooses to do service by supporting recovery meetings in the area extending from Mt. Shasta to Fresno, to the California – Nevada border.  More 

GSACC Mission

Comprised of a group of volunteers and representatives from throughout the region, GSACC meets once each month to empower and promote the general welfare of CoDA meetings. GSACC recognizes and seeks to promote the willingness and dedication of volunteers becoming involved; i.e., starting meetings, becoming a sponsor, etc. Become part of a supportive and dynamic service group. 


Building an interactive CoDA community is an important element of our mission - thereby encouraging and supporting healthy meetings through the region. Tools include interactive website discussion pages discussing issues and an exchange of ideas between those actively or wanting to be involved in giving back to the community. More 

CoDA Recovery Tools

New to CoDA?

Being open to the possibility of being co-dependent is the first step toward finding the courage and willingness to attend a meeting and beginning to work the program. CoDA is a spiritually based program based on the 12 Steps adopted from Alcoholics Anonymous. More

What is Co-Dependency?

Symptoms of co-dependency appear in our lives in various ways and are often not  singular or well defined.  Being co-dependent is recognized by mental health providers as a significant contributor to various forms of health and psychological distress.  More

Baby Steps

"Working the program" is a phrase you may hear as you begin to attend meetings. Perhaps the best way to begin your recovery is to start by taking "baby steps," no matter how small.


CoDA is a 'grassroots' organization. Each person participates, at their own pace, in their own personal recovery from co-dependency.  Many have shared that meetings are a sacred place to share experience, strength, and hope in a safe environment free from criticism, advice, or cross talk. Find a meeting


Sponsors are people within the CoDA program who help guide us through the Twelve Step recovery process. These people are recovering codependents whose personal recovery is their first priority. They’ve usually walked the road of recovery longer than we have. More

Foundational Documents

CoDA upholds the principles of the Codependency Recovery 12 Step program by using a suggested meeting format. A CoDA meeting includes at minimum a reading of the Welcome,  12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and The 12 Promises.   More

“It is not what any one of us can do, rather how we can open doors to those who want to contribute.”