2016 Conference – Huge Success!

Northern California – GSACC Winter Conference 

Step up to Sponsorship – A Huge Success

The light rain didn’t quash the enthusiasm as the Northern California Winter Conference – hosted by the Greater Sacramento CoDA Committee  got underway on Saturday morning, January 23, 2016 in Rancho Cordova.  The focus of the program was Stepping Up to Sponsorship!

As participants registered, they were asked if they were available to sponsor someone.  Those who were open and available to sponsor were given a small, green circular label to place on their name tag letting others know they were available to sponsor others.

Sponsorship Q & A 

The commitment by the numerous volunteers was evident as many participants arrived early that morning looking forward to the informal but informative ad hoc panel imparting their personal experience about the value of sponsorship and suggestions “how to sponsor someone.”

Each of the five panelists imparted their wisdom and for some a long history of helping sponsees through working the steps taking questions from the audience.

The panel were essentially in agreement that although it might be possible to sponsor a friend, or there is the possibility that that a  friendship might develop that their focus was working the steps – which meant working all 12 Steps. 

It may turn out that in lieu of working the 12 Steps, that the sponsee might prefer working the 30 Questions, an introduction to Steps 1, 2, and 3.

How to go about working the steps was unique to each person’s availability.  Most suggested that meeting in person on a set interval may best serve the needs of the sponsee but recognized that we each have time limitations and travel considerations. It was recommended that the expectations be set early on – such as meeting in person; how often; where, and other contact, such by telephone, video chat, email, etc.

Moreover, the panel suggested the goal was not necessarily supporting that the sponsee complete their working the steps in a specific amount of time; rather that they are committed.  Both the sponsor and the sponsor may find it beneficial to agree early on it is important to discuss how they will communicate with each other should either wish to withdraw from the sponsor-sponsee relationship.

Other Workshops

We would like to thank the many other presenters who graciously prepared and shared their personal experience of hope and encouragement.

Thank you to Penny and the many volunteers who worked long hours in the days prior to the conference with shopping and preparing food.

This year’s support team came together with a willingness and “can do” energy leaving a feeling of success and appreciation by those who attended.