CoDA Foundational Literature

CoDA Program Consistency

Co-Dependence Anonymous Foundational Literature is the core of the CoDA recovery program.   Reading the literature at each meeting serves to remind us of our program purpose and assures participants we meet to find a common bond in what is essentially a leaderless program to recover from the chains of co-dependency.  

What Makes a CoDA meeting?

Affirming the values and purpose of the progam, CoDA recommends that each meeting and service committee include at minimum reading the following foundational documents: (1) CoDA Welcome; (2) The 12 Steps; (3) The 12 Traditions; and close the meeting with (4) The 12 Promises.

CoDA Foundational Literature

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Newcomer Welcome Packet!

The Newcomer Welcome packet is a great place to start with becoming familiar with Co-Depedency Anonymous. The packet includes an introduction to help you identify for yourself if you may have co-dependency traits and to the extent in which these behaviors may impact your happiness and life. Download the Newcomer Packet today.

Sponsorship: 30 Questions

The development of what we have come to call the 30 Questions is a great place to start working with a sponsor.  The 30 Questions is a suggested list of questions for someone new to the program to begin with an exploration of Steps 1, 2, & 3.   The 30 Questions also lends itself to "co-sponsoring" - the process in which both participants journal and share with each other their experience, feelings, and finding strength by working the program.


Foundational CoDA Literature

"The core of the CoDA 12 Step Recovery Program."

Welcome Packet

The Welcome Packet A great place to start with becoming familiar with CoDA with tools to help you identify your feelings and assess at your own pace whether co-dependency might be impacting your happiness and your life.


30 Questions - An Introduction to Sponsorship

Known as the 30 Questions intended to introduces you with a framework with a sponsor with a focus on working Steps 1, 2, and 3.