Welcome to the GSACC Community ‘Blog’

Welcome to the GSACC Community ‘Blog’

Welcome to the new GSACC Website built to reach out to those who are new and old working the CoDA program.

The new website has been designed for the ease of all to post updated information in hopes of building a virtual CoDA community. We encourage anyone with messages of success and suggestions with more effective meetings, greater outreach, sponsorship, and fellowship.

Share with GSACC Community and the world recovery successes and ideas – such as how to host a newcomer meeting, step study, or perhaps you have an interest in starting a meeting in your area. Take advantage of the internet and sharing your ideas with everyone.

Announce to the CoDA Community your meeting-fellowship opportunities, such as pre or post meeting get-togethers, special workshops, writing groups, and ways to go about finding a sponsor.

Submit your ideas to the webmaster.  Submitted articles are reviewed to assure appropriate community standards and adherence to the 12 Traditions, appropriate language, etc.