CoDA Books, Pamphlets, & Literature


CoDA Approved Literature?

CoDA relies upon an unifying message and consistency for those working the Steps in part by providing access of approved books, workbooks, and literature. Some may share their experience and perhaps recommend other printed or online resources which may not be CoDA approved.  Attend a meeting or contact us to inquire whether the book or other literature has been approved by CoDA.  

You Are Not Alone

Most CoDA meetings maintain a limited supply of handouts, pamphlets, The CoDA Book, and the CoDA workbook.  The literature and books are meant to be informative and helpful in your recovery.  We recommend, however, to share your thoughts and feelings with others who are also working the program, such as a sponsor.  The value of CoDA is not limited to learning about co-dependency but to find healing and acceptance in sharing the feelings and shame many of us carried through our lives.   

Where to find CoDA Literature

CoDA literature is available to order online from

Where do I Begin?

Welcome Packet 

CoDA literature may seem overwhelming to many when they are new to attending CoDA. A great place to start is with the GSACC Welcome Packet.

The CodA Blue Book 

Known as the CoDA Book, or sometimes called The Big Book - is comprised of both a codaliteraturebook2detailed description of the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions, and suggestions about how to work your CoDA program.  A little over half the book contains touching stories written by people, perhaps some with similar life experiences, as they overcame their dependency.


Where do I Begin?

Download Newcomers Packet

Download our Newcomer Packet, a comprehensive introduction to CoDA. The document includes an introduction to co-dependency and may help you with understanding how attending meetings may help.


Where Can I Obtain CoDA Books, Pamphlets, & Literature?

CoDA meetings have a number of inexpensive pamphlets, books, and other CoDA literature. GSACC recommends obtain a copy of the desired resources from either your home meeting or online at Coda Anonymous.

Foundational Documents

At the core of CoDA recovery are the Foundational Documents - such as Welcome, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and the 12 Promises.  Review and download these documents from here.