New to CoDA

The First Step is Attending a Meeting

Co-Dependents Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women with a desire for healthy and and fulfilling relationships. Many share that they came to their first meeting after having a realization that CoDA may offer the support, acceptance, and a path to find solutions. Co-dependency is sometimes pervasive and impacting the quality of our lives. Attending meeetings is the first step to heal and be that what God intended: "precious and free."

What I Can Expect: 'The Promises'

Working the program - such as attending meetings, 'working the steps,' and guided by a sponsor will help with letting go of the hurt of the present and the past, and find a new way day. The feeling of emptiness and loneliness will disappear as found in the 12 Promises.

What happens at a Meeting?

CoDA meetings are held throughout the region – and the world. Find a meeting close to you. Many meetings are held at churches mostly out of convenience and availability but are not affiliated with the church or religion. Meetings are a safe place relying on anonymity and other features in support of each person working their own recovery. Find out more about what happens at meetings.

Your Own Pace

Each person works the program with acceptance and support and at their own pace.   It is not necessary to study books, listen to tapes, or find a sponsor.  Many say they find value by simply attending meetings and listening to others.  Share only as you feel comfortable.

Newcomer Orientation Packet

Download the CoDA Newcomer Packet, a comprehensive introduction to CoDA. The document includes an introduction to co-dependency including the core CoDA Recovery Documents and may help you with understanding how attending meetings may help.

Attend A Meeting

The first step - and perhaps the most significant affirmation of your recovery - is to attend a CoDA meeting in your area.   Many have shared they find value by simply attending meetings and listening to others.  Share only as you feel comfortable.  Meetings provide pamphlets and handouts and little or no charge.



There are a number of online and printed resources available to begin your CoDA Recovery Program.

Newcomer Packet 

The Newcomer Packet can be downloaded at no charge and contains the essential Co-Dependents Anonymous Foundational Literature including the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions, and 12 Promises.